Vienna Mission for Ukraine

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TacMed Ukraine Support Project

In Progress

VM4U has a project to create an official non-profit organization in Ukraine around Lead Medic, Simon Johnsen, from Norway.  Simon has been leading a team of international, volunteer medics rescuing civilians on the front lines in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Together with other Vienna based non-profit organizations and volunteers, VM4U + First Aid First Hand + YOUkraine are providing Simon’s team a fully supplied ambulance while standing up all the business functions for his non-profit organization called TacMed Ukraine (e.g., website, email, social media, legal, fundraising, banking, IT, etc.).  Now Simon can focus on saving lives and leave the rest to international volunteers. 

FAFH Ambulance Supply Project

In Progress

The First Aid First Hand organization is working to supply an ambulance to the TacMed Ukraine organization to perform lifesaving medical rescue activities.  VM4U donations are being used to purchase medical supplies and equipment for the ambulance.