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Current Projects

Campus Wienerwald Accommodation Project

VM4U has been working on the ‘Campus Wienerwald Accommodation Project’, however, this project is currently too big for our budget but may right for those who can pledge a generous amount.  Campus Wienerwald is a ‘campus style’ residential complex outside of Vienna being operated by an NGO to provide long-term accommodations to Ukrainian refugees who want to remain in Austria. Currently they have accommodated 196 refugees, almost exclusively women and children, and have the potential to accommodate 100-150 additional refugees.  However, before that it is possible, building renovations are needed.  These renovations have been independently assessed by Mr. Fred Robinson, VM4U Architect, to cost €80k.  This is about €540-€800/refugee.  The majority of the cost is included in repairs for roofing and central heating. This project is large and requires the complete amount to finish the renovations.

Campus Wienerwald has accommodated one family through VM4U – an older man and his mentally disabled son.  VM4U has followed up with this family and they continue to appreciate their life there and receive medical care and support.

If you can contribute with this major project please contact Adam Shephard – Mobile: +436603664451 or via Email:
Amosov Heart Institute
(image from

VM4U is trying hard to work with the Amosov Heart Institute to bring supplies and medications for their urgent and life-saving work in Ukraine. The institute works for treatment of cardiovascular disease and issues through operations and treatment, but the war has obviously effected their effort. To date, the stocks of specialized consumables and medicines have been practically exhausted, which may make it impossible to provide specialized cardiac surgery. Help us help them to save lives.

We are currently asking for €8k to provide some assistance for this important effort.

If you can contribute with this major project please contact Adam Shephard – Mobile: +436603664451 or via Email:

About us

Who are we?

We’re a group of more than 200 volunteers from the international community living in Vienna (and abroad). We committed to doing our part in providing direct aid to the refugees from Ukraine.

Our main objective is to remove as many people as possible, as fast as possible, from the Ukrainian border and deliver them to safety while seeking sustainable accommodations and providing for their general welfare.

Vienna Mission for Ukraine has the capability to rapidly transfer urgently needed supplies or rapidly assist and transport vulnerable, at risk, or mobility impaired refugees to safety in Vienna, Austria, or Western Europe. We work with local partners to support refugees once they arrive in Austria.

Our extensive network includes generous hosts (who have been gracious enough to bring refugees overnight into their homes), drivers, translators, coordinators, field volunteers in and around the refugee centers, and a variety of professionals.

Vienna Mission for Ukraine is a grassroots organization based in Vienna, Austria and a non-profit association (gemeinnütziger Verein) under Austrian law. As such, we are governed by Statutes, which among other things describe the purpose of our association and outline duties and powers of our Bodies. We accept funds from a variety of sources, public and private, in accordance with our Donations Acceptance Policy.

We an all-volunteer organization. We leverage pro-bono expertise and our network of committed volunteers, partners, and donors to deliver cost-effective missions.

What do we do?

Every day we leverage our network of volunteers, partners, and funders to:

  • Bring back refugees from the refugee centers to Vienna or nearby countries along the route back

  • Gather information regarding supply needs and transportation requirements at the facilities we visit

  • Utilize our transport services to bring necessary supplies including medical supplies to the border

In addition to our core activities, we also:

  • Perform ad-hoc rescue operations in Ukraine of at-risk groups without the means to evacuate

  • Directly supply and transport lifesaving medication to Ukrainian hospitals

  • Organize sustainable accommodations refugee families with VM4U host families and through partner organizations

  • Retrieve refugees directly from the Ukrainian border and deliver them to their loved ones in Vienna and elsewhere in Europe

  • React quickly to changes critical supply needs at refugee centers and Ukrainian border crossings, both procuring and delivering necessary materials

How can I support VM4U?

You can make a direct donation to Vienna Mission for Ukraine.

By donating now, your contribution supports Vienna Mission for Ukraine’s current rescue and supply operations, as well as future missions to bring vulnerable groups to safer locations away from the war in Ukraine, and support for the refugees that are hosted by our volunteers.

You can subscribe to our communications and share our story (click on the social links below to follow us) with your network. If you would like a tool kit for how to share our story, please send an email to

Where can I ship needed supplies?

Please reach out to Adam Shephard to confirm what supplies are currently needed.

Vienna Mission for Ukraine

c/o Adam Shephard

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