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Zhuravno Orphanage Supply Project

On 16 March 2022, the orphanage “Sonechko” in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine was relocated to the “House of Supported Living” in Zhuravno, Ukraine, about 1.5 hours’ drive south of Lviv, Ukraine.  At that time, 87 orphans, ages 1.5 to 7 years old, and 40 care-takers (also from Zaporizhzhia) arrived at the Zhuravno facility.  On 20 March 2023, additional children, ages 6 months to 3 years, arrived bringing the totals to 129 orphans and 62 caretakers.

On 9 September 2022, VM4U visited the Zhuravno orphanage.  During the visit, VM4U conducted a video recorded interview with the Orphanage Director, and a video recorded tour of the orphanage in order to clearly show the needs of the orphanage to potential sponsors. VM4U received a written list of needs from the orphanage including washing machines, drying machines, dining tables, etc. which are listed in the table below. Currently, VM4U is seeking sponsors for the remaining items below.

Your donations go towards the purchase and delivery of the items listed below. VM4U provides transparent procurement and delivery. Delivery confirmation videos as well as the initial needs verification video are posted below.

Ukraine's orphanage washing machines
Ukraine's orphanage beds
Ukraine's orphanage canteen


ItemQtyCost per item, EURTotal cost, EURStatus
Industrial dryer for clothes 11389,951389,95Delivered on 2023-06-10
Dinner tables for 10 people70, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-10-02
Freezer10, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-10-02
Refrigerator10, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-10-02
Mattress50, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-10-02
Mattress40, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-10-19
5kW diesel generator214992998Delivered on 2022-12-16
Diesel for generators100 L1.71171Delivered on 2022-12-16
Dinner tables for 10 people20, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-12-16
Mattress10, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-12-16
Christmas presents10, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2022-12-16
Diesel for generators40 L1.7168.4Delivered on 2023-01-04
Dinner table for 10 people10, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2023-06-10
Children's clothes10, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2023-06-10
Computers50, Donated0, DonatedDelivered on 2023-07-02
Toys10, Donated0, Donated Delivered on 2023-07-02


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