Vienna Mission for Ukraine

3/23 Recap

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Water delivered to Medyka border crossing

1 passenger van team, Magnus and Peter, departed from Vienna.  The bus continued to operator between Vienna and Poland Refugee Centers.  The van was generously donated by Max and the First Aid First Hand organisation, .

Oleg, St. Barbara’s Church, received the overdue insulin shipment at 10:30 at LH138.  This insulin shipment was donated by the Insulin For Life organization to St. Barbara’s Church.  Oleg performed a quality check of the insulin, ensuring that it had been kept in the appropriate temperature range.  The insulin was then repackaged in cooled containers for continued transport by the van team directly to Ukrainian teams waiting at the border.  According to Oleg, this insulin shipment extended 600 lives.  I have received verbal reports by the medical community that people in Ukraine are dying as a results of insulin shortages.

The bus route was from Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center (RC) -> Korczowa RC -> Vienna Main Train Station -> Vienna RC (Sports and Fun) and transported 39 people including children and elders where 15 went to Vienna HbH, and 24 went to the Vienna RC (Sports and Fun).

Thanks again for the hard work of Katharina and Patrick for making the insulin shipment possible.