Vienna Mission for Ukraine

4/12 Recap

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1 passenger van team, Vins and Eric, departed Vienna for the Czech-Polish border on a refugee retrieval relay mission. 

2 mothers + 5 children were transported from Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center to a pre-arranged accommodation at Vienna International Airport, before continuing on to Dublin. 

An independent passenger van team, Andrea, transported the passengers from Przemysl to a midpoint, where he rendezvoused with Vins and Eric, who transported the passengers the rest of the way to Vienna.

On the following day, the 2 families successfully checked in for their flight and passed security but did not make their flight, in part, due to the language barrier.  Afterwards, they contact VM4U asking for help. 

Vira, a Ukrainian speaking volunteer who is very familiar with the Vienna International Airport, was able to communicate with of the mothers and assist them to navigate the airport system for AerLingus.  Thanks to the generosity of Andrea, the families are regrouping at an airport hotel before their re-booked flight on 4/14.