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4/2 Recap Snowy Transport Mission

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(Snowy) Transport Mission

Intrepid Vienna Mission for Ukraine volunteers Mariam and Bob braved snowy conditions on their drive from Vienna to the Polish-Ukrainian border on a refugee transport mission.

The VM4U team transported a young woman (and her cat) whom Roxy and Adam had met four days prior at Korczowa, Poland Refugee Center to Vienna. Given the age of the woman, this was deemed an especially vulnerable case in need of immediate transport. The young woman and her cat have been placed with VM4U host, Janine and will later be hosted by VM4U host Nichola.

The VM4U team also transported a grandmother, mother, and young son to temporary accommodations in Vienna and a man to loved ones in Vienna.

This mission could not have been accomplished without VM4U’s many donors, partners, and incredible volunteers.

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