Vienna Mission for Ukraine

4/3 Recap

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1 passenger van team, Cliff and David, departed Vienna on a refugee retrieval mission to the Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center. 

At the center, delivered medical supplies to the refugee center medical bay and general supplies to the general store, donated by Roxy, Karissa, and Shonna.   Two women were prearranged by Elli/Julia to be transported to loved ones in Vienna.  Additionally, a mother and 15 year old son were found which were transported to the Vienna Refugee Center at Messe Wien Halle A, which were subsequently picked up by loved ones the following morning.  The van was generously donated by the First Hand First Aid organisation,

1 cargo van team, Adam and Roxy, delivered donated supplies from LH138 and a warehouse in Klosterneuburg, Austria, to the orphanage in Burgenland, Austria, which looks after the Ukrainian orphans transferred there as part of the 3/25 Orphanage Rescue Project.  The cargo van was generously provided by the First Hand First Aid organisation,