Vienna Mission for Ukraine

4/8 Recap

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2 car teams, Cliff, Katharina, Nathan, and Dan, departed Vienna for the Czech-Poland border on a refugee retrieval mission.  The car teams rendezvoused with an independent passenger van team, Andrea (Canada), at the Czech-Polish border where 6 passengers (family of mother, son, and young daughter; family of grandma, mom, and baby) where transferred from Andreas passenger van to the two VM4U cars.  Upon Wien Messe, the passengers were transported to the Wien Messe Refugee Center.  Vehicles were generously donated by Cliff and Michael with gas donated by Cliff and Katharina.

1 cargo van team, Thomas and Hannah (from First Aid First Hand), departed Vienna for Tyrol, Austria on a supply transport mission in relation to the Campus Wiener Wald Project, of which Thomas is the Project Manager.  Following a renovation of Pension Franziska in Saalbach Hinterglemm, surplus items including 15 sinks, 1 dishwasher, 1 stove, 1 refrigerator, tables, coffee makers, kettles, lamps, curtains, carpets, beds, dishes, cutlery, drinking glasses, cups, plates, mirrors, 12 mattresses, 30x bedding, 40 pillows, 40 blankets, 100 towels, clothes hangers, disinfectant, light bulbs were donated to Thomas and the Campus Wienerwald Project and transported directly to Campus Wienerwald.  Joseph and Maxim, a family delivered to Campus Wienerwald by VM4U, received Thomas and assisted in the unloading of the van.  The van was generously donated by the First Aid First Hand organisation,

Campus Wienerwald is currently hosting 196 refugees.  They currently do not receive support from the State of Lower Austria or from the government.  Everything the 196 refugees need comes from private donations and the volunteers there are at their limit.