Vienna Mission for Ukraine

6/3 to 6/16 Recap

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David, VM4U Accommodations Program Manager, successfully arranged for two young female refugees to rent an apartment together. One of the women has found employment in Vienna as an architect and has become self sufficient. The other women has been staying with a VM4U host family and continues to be generously supported by Anya. Both women did not have the 1800 euro ‘Kaution’ (3 months rent upfront). Adam provided a 900 euro no-interest loan to the architect. Anya generously provided the other 900 euro. The financial assistance for the Kaution ‘jump started’ these refugees into an apartment – this is anticipated to become a common need.


Maryna has joined VM4U as the Accommodations Program Deputy Manager working with David, VM4U Accommodations Program Manager, and the VM4U Refugee Support Team. She is Ukrainian, has lived in Vienna for the past 10 years, and speaks German, English, and binary.


Members of the VM4U team, Nina, Roxy, Inga, and Adam, were tv interviewed by Ukrainian journalist Myrolslava Gongadze from Voice of America News along with the Domivka team, Natalia and Liudmyla, at Domivka’s place ( Voice of America is a US government owned news agency. This interview has not been released.


A refugee recovering from a broken arm was turned away from a physiotherapist appointment on account of her not speaking German. Svetlana, VM4U Case Officer, escorted this refugee to her next appointment to act as a translator, advocate, and friend. While Svenlana was not permitted to enter the office on account of not having a corona test, the refugee was permitted to attended her physiotherapist appointment.


Gebhard, VM4U Employment Program Manager, continues to support the Domivka organization by participating in scheduled sessions with refugees on Wednesdays at the Domivka’s facility in the 2nd district. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and involves help with CVs, applications, and advisement. Refugees’ language skills are identified as a barrier to joining the Austrian workforce at their previous level of employment.

6/8 to 6/9 VAN MISSION

A cargo van team, Adam, delivered baby supplies (diapers, wet-wipes, and baby food), organized by the YOUkraine organization (, to Lviv, Ukraine. The team over-nighted outside of Lviv at a friend’s home. The van was generously supplied by the First Aid First Hand organization (

The Wednesday-Thursday Vienna->Lviv->Vienna cargo van circuit is planned to continue as long as needed.


The VM4U Psychological Support Team, Roxy, Inga, and Alexandra, briefed the VM4U Management on the psychological elements affecting refugees and volunteers. Pursuant to the VM4U goal of seeking sustainable accommodations for refugees staying with VM4U host families, the VM4U Psych Team aided the management’s understanding of the people VM4U serves. The VM4U Psych Team is further tasked with briefing the VM4U host families, and separately, the management of VM4U partner organizations.


VM4U received a report of facility in Kogl, Austria (40 minutes from Vienna) which had insufficient means to adequately feed 85 refugee children. Svetlana, VM4U Case Officer, traveled to the facility to investigate. The facility is a sanitarium which is using one building to house a transplanted Ukrainian orphanage of 73 kids (between 7 and 20 year old) and 13 staff. The orphanage needs fresh fruit and vegetables, Ukrainian/Russian books, clothes/shoes, medicine, and tick vaccinations. Additionally, the orphanage is facing the challenge of orphans who are turning 18. The orphanage is in the process of securing Austrian government funding. Filip, VM4U Project Manger, is organizing VM4U support. A follow up meeting is scheduled for Jun 22, which will be attended by Svetlana and Filip.

6/15 to 6/16 VAN MISSION

A car team, Michael and Adam, delivered medical supplies, organized by the YOUkraine organization (, to Lviv, Ukraine. The team over-nighted outside of Lviv at a friend’s home. Four refugees, mother, father, and 2 small children, were transported from Lviv to the Shehyni, Ukraine-Medyke, Poland border crossing. The passengers passed through the border crossing on foot and the drivers passed through the crossing by car. The mother and two children were able to cross into the EU but the father was delayed until the late evening. The drivers encountered two elderly refugees during the crossing who were trying to get to Vienna but were stranded at the crossing. The drivers delivered the elderly couple to the Przemysl, Poland Train Station; the drivers helped purchase their train tickets and provided the couple with a power bank. Julia, VM4U Director of Operations, ensured the elderly couple had communication with herself and their loved ones in Vienna. The drivers returned to Medyke crossing and collected the mother and 2 children and drove them to their loved ones in Vienna. The father was eventually allowed to cross the border and took a train from the Przemysl Train Station to Vienna which arrived Friday morning at 7 AM. The elderly couple confirmed their safe arrival in Vienna. The car was generously supplied by Michael. The Wednesday-Thursday Vienna->Lviv->Vienna cargo van circuit is planned to continue as long as needed.