Vienna Mission for Ukraine

3/19 Recap

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Covid tests delivered to Przemysl medics

Two passenger van teams, Nathan, Magnus, Thomas, Sylvia, departed Vienna at 10 AM.  The bus from Przemysl arrived at Vienna HbH at 8 AM.
One first van team had an urgent medical package which was delivered to the Slovak-Ukraine boarder at Vysne Nemecke.  Afterwhich, the team overnighted in Slovakia and did reconisance of the Michalovce Refuge Center, Slovakia, which had ~200 refugees, a capacility of 500 refugees , was fully supplied, had no refugees needing transportation to/through vienna, but expressed a need to transport people to Poland.   The team furhter did reconsince of the Košice train station and reported that there were 2 staff helping over 100 refugees.  VM4U was later informed that the medical package arrived at the destination hospital in Ukraine and its contents immediately used in 20 surgeries.
The second van team delivered a preist from Vienna to the Medyke, Poland border crossing (who continued on to Lviv) before delivering  supplies from St. Barabara’s Church to the Korczowa Refugee Center.  The Korczowa Refugee Center has a capacility of ~5000, is fully supplied, and could support a bus line to Vienna.  Afterwhich, the team transported 2 women+2 children to Brno, Czech Republic, and 1 man to the Vienna airport.
The bus went from Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center->Brno->Bratislava->Vienna Main Train Station (Hbh)-> Vienna Refuge Center (Sports&Fun) and transported 15 women, 6 kids, 3 men, 1 elderly woman with a wheelchair, 6 or 7 cats, and 2 volunteers where 13 people went to Vienna HbH, 6 people to Vienna Refugee Center (Sport&Fun), 5 to Brno, and 1 to Bratislava.