Vienna Mission for Ukraine

3/20 Recap

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VM4U has begun collaborating with several organizations, including St. Barbara’s Church, Sigmund Freud Institute, Campus Weinerwald, and most recently First Hand First Aid (FHFA), shown here.

1 passenger can team, Kate and Chris, left Vienna at 6 AM and delivered supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border near Korczowa, Poland.  From there they went to the Korczowa Refugee Center and transported 1 man, 2 women, and 2 children to Vienna.  All 5 refugees were provided private accommodations in Vienna.  1 man continue on to Krems and the 2 women+2 children are seeking long term accommodation in Austria.

The bus from Przemysl, Poland Refuge Center->Przemysl Train Station->Korczowa Refugee Center->Vienna Main Train Station (HbH)->Vienna Refugee Center (Sports&Fun) transported 19 refugees where 3 went to Vienna HbH and 16 went to the Vienna Refugee Center.  The bus delivered ~1000 requested thermal blankets from Vienna to the Przemsyl, Poland Refugee Center medical bay.

The bus route has become dynamic and real time route changes and additional stops are being added to increase ridership.