Vienna Mission for Ukraine

3/22 Recap

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2 passenger van teams, Adam, Katherina, Nathan, and Ania, left Vienna at 6:30 AM and 1 bus ran between Vienna and Polish Refugee Centers.

The second van team went on a reconnaissance mission to Warsaw, Poland where they visited 7 refugee centers and related facilities.  This results will be posted separately.  They transported two mothers and two daughters from Warsaw, Poland to the Vienna Refugee Center (Sports and Fun).
The bus route was from Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center (RC) -> Przemysl, Poland Train Station -> Korczowa RC -> Vienna Main Train Station (HbH) -> Vienna RC (Sports and Fun) and transported 38 people including children and elders where 21 went to Vienna HbH and 17 went to the Vienna RC (Sports and Fun).  This was a full bus and 11 people at the Polish RCs were unable to be transported this trip.