Vienna Mission for Ukraine

3/28 Recap

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1 passenger van team, Nathan and Svetlana, left Vienna for the Polish-Ukrainian border on refugee center resupply and refuge transport mission.  In response to a severe water shortage at the Medyke, Poland border crossing reported by Konrad, the team purchased and delivered approximately 1 ton of bottled water.  The team proceed to Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center. 

In response to supply shortages reported by  van teams previously, the thermal blankets donated by Mateusz were delivered to the on site medics and the hygiene products donated by Johana were delivered to the local volunteers. 

The team transported a family consisting of a grandmother, mother, two 3.5 year old twins and a dog to Vienna where they where they were accommodated by a Janine.  The van was generously provided by First Aid First Hand,