Vienna Mission for Ukraine

3/29 Recap

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1 passenger van team, Roxy, Adam, and Maxim, left Vienna for the Polish-Ukrainian border on a refugee center resupply and refugee transport mission.  The van team was joined by Team Fynn, Angus and Trevor, an independent team from the UK with a custom 6 passenger+cargo van. 

In response to a severe water shortage at the Medyke, Poland border crossing reported by Konrad, the team purchased and delivered approximately 3 tons of bottled water. 

The van team proceed to Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center, where there were no refugees needing transportation.  The van team continued to Korzcowa, Poland Refugee Center, where there was 2 refugees needing transport, 1 older man to a location in Poland and 1 women+1 dog to loved ones in Vienna.  Team Fynn linked up with a UK group at Medyke, Poland border crossing continued to work in the area. 

The van was generously provided by First Aid First Hand,

It was observed that there was less than ~500 refugees at the Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center and less than ~200 refugees at the Korczowa, Poland Refugee Center.  Based on this observation and similar observations by previous van teams, it is assessed that there is no need for a bus route between these centers and Vienna at this time.