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8/9 to 8/23 Recap

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8/9 to 8/23 – Dima Medical Support Case

The VM4U team working on the Dima Medical Support Case regularly transport, translate, advocate, and support Dima during routine doctor’s visits and outpatient surgeries. Dima, his wife, and two daughters, have finalized their long term accommodation, provided by Maximilian, and organized by David, VM4U Accommodations Program Manager, and are in the process of moving in. Nathan, VM4U Furnishings Program Manager is in the process of organizing furnishing for their new apartment. Recently, Oleg, in continuous communications with the other members of the Dima Support Team, including Dr. Liliana and Dr. Halyna, responded to a sudden change in Dima’s condition, was rushed to the hospital and admitted. While this was a saddening setback for Dima, the Dima Support Team is truly inspiring.

8/9, 8/17 – Cancelled Van Missions to Lviv

Two of the weekly van missions, which transport medical supplies for the YOUkraine organization to Lviv, were cancelled due to slow down in funding for the procurement of medical supplies.

8/10, 8/16, 8/15 – Donations Organized by VM4U Volunteers

On 8/10, Roxy and Nichola collected and transported two carloads of items to The Feel Good Store which included 2 mattresses, bedding, chairs, curtains, other household items, hygiene, and diapers. On 8/16, Nichola independently hosted a fundraiser which raised €690 which was used to buy a refugee with a laptop computer to permit the refugee to perform remote work and support volunteer activities. On 8/15, Nathan, Holli, and Jen, organized a substantial donation of surgical supplies which Nathan delivered to the YOUkraine group on 8/19 which have since been delivered to a hospital in Bashtanka, Ukraine, outside Mykolaiv.

8/11 – Van Mission – Furniture

A cargo van team, David, VM4U Accommodations Program Manager, was making the donated furniture pick up and deliveries. David picked up a bed, 2 bed side tables, and a rug, donated by Matt and Jackie, as well as up two sofas, donated by Angeliki and facilitated by Alina, and delivered everything to Yuliya in Baden. The cargo van was generously provided by First Aid First Hand,

8/12 – Van Mission – Furniture

A cargo van team, David and Denis, picked up a children’s bed donated by Adele and delivered it to Sarah at The Feel Good Store ( Then the team picked up a double bed and delivered it to a family in Haag, Austria (1.5 hr NW of Vienna). The cargo van was generously provided by First Aid First Hand,

8/13 – Fundraising Event – The Feel Good Store,

Elli and Adam, VM4U Executive Team, attended a fundraiser for The Feel Good Store. At the fundraise, Elli and Adam made an important contact with a representative from the Österreichischer Integrations Fonds (ÖIF), and Austrian government organization which sponsors Ukrainian integration related activities. Currently, Domivka receives funding for hosted German courses from ÖIF.

8/13 Meeting – Maple Hope Foundation,

Adam, VM4U Executive Director, held a 30 minute phone conversation with Tamara, Maple Hope Foundation (MHF). The MHF is based out of Vancouver, Canada and performs a variety of medical supply projects in Ukraine and refugee support activities in Canada. Potential areas of cooperation were identified, such a VM4U transport of medical supplies raised by MHF and VM4U assisting refugees in reaching long term accommodations organized by MHF in Canada.

8/15 – VM4U Support of Domivka Football Program

The first football session took place from 17:30-19:00 at the Danau City Sports Complex near Alte Danau. Alexander, Coach and Football Program Manager, and Adam, held the session for 15 boys and 4 girls between the ages of 5 and 13 yr. The participants were organized by Domivka ( Following the event, 5 sponsors and 4 assistant coaches have come forward in support. The field is provided at a discounted price by the sports center, €55 per session. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from John, Alex, Sharon, Andreas, Marie, and Rita, the football program is financially supported until mid-October.

8/17 – Accommodations Support Case

A mother, step-father, and 6 yr daughter, supported by Katharine and staying with a host family in Hohenberg, Austria (1.5 hr outside Vienna), were in the process of getting their own apartment in Lilienfeld, Austria, after the father got a job. However, the family was unable to afford the €1300 ‘Kaution’ (3 month’s rent upfront). Adam provided the family with a €1300 loan with no interest and no payback schedule to cover the Kaution – we call this a ‘Jump Start’ loan. The family has now moved into the apartment. Nathan, Katharine, and Alina are working to find donated furnishings for their new place. Previously on 06/03, Adam provided an employed refugee a €900 Jump Start loan to cover their Kaution to get them into an apartment as soon as possible; this loan has since been repaid in full. VM4U donations were not used for the Jump Start loan.

8/18 – VM4U Furnishings Program Established

There is a high demand for moving donated furniture to refugees. If you have furnature to donate or know of a need, please contact Nathan, VM4U Furnishings Program Manager. Moving day is tentatively every Friday thanks to the First Aid First Hand Organization generously providing the van.

8/19 – VM4U Support of YOUkraine Van Mission

The YOUkraine organization procured an x-ray machine at the request of a hospital in Bashtanka, Ukraine, near Mykolaiv, Ukraine. YOUkraine organized a driver (with a large enough van) to come from Mykolaiv to Vienna to pickup the x-ray and deliver it to Bashtanka. Nathan, Adam, and Sofiia (YOUkraine) met with the driver at the Rauberger Medical Trading company’s warehouse, 40 minutes outside of Vienna, and observed the loading of the x-ray into the van. The surgical supplies donated by Nathan, Holli, and Jen to YOUkraine on 8/19 (same day) were also loaded into the van. The van has since arrived at the hospital in Bashanka and the x-ray and surgical supplies have been delivered. VM4U donations will cover the fuel cost of the delivery.

8/19 – Psychological Support Team Briefing of Domivka and The Feel Good Store Volunteers

The VM4U Psychological Support Team, Roxy, Inga, and Alexandra, gave a briefing, in Ukrainian, to volunteers form Domivka and The Feel Good Store (TFGS). The VM4U Psychological Support Team is expert team speaking from direct experience. Domivka is a community center and TFGS is an aid collection and distribution center. Domivka and TFGS volunteers, many who are refugees themselves, work with refugees on a continuous basis. This briefing was the first instance of the VM4U Psychological Support Team working directly with refugees. It is not in the Ukrainian culture to ask for help, especially not psychological support. However, the psychological support team briefing is better understood as set tools to assist volunteers in communicating and serving refugees in a way that is emotionally sustainable for the volunteer and beneficial for the refugees. The VM4U staff routinely reference and use of these tools in our discussions with each other and in our daily work. All refugees and volunteers working with refugees are strongly encouraged to contact Roxy, VM4U Psychological Support Program Manager, to request to attend a briefing.

8/19 – VM4U Van Mission – Medical Equipment and Clothes

A cargo van team, Adam and Yevin, transported 4 hospital beds for the YOUkraine group ( from a medical supply company outside Vienna to LH138 for later continuation to hospitals in Ukraine. Then the van team transported clothes, donated by Yuliya in Baden to Sarah at The Feel Good Store (

8/19 – Support of Nico, Unaffiliated Bus Organizer

Via social media, Adam, VM4U Exectutive Director, came in contact with Nico. Nico is a volunteer based out of Przemysl, Poland and previously worked at the Przemysl, Poland Refugee Center as a volunteer. Nico is organizing busses from Ukraine to the EU and reports that Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic are “quite full” and was looking for other countries/cities in the EU where refugees still can register and live for a few months. After a phone meeting between Adam and Nico, David, VM4U Accommodations Program Manager, paid a visit to the Ukraine Arrival Center (Sports and Fun) to assess the situation on the ground. David reported to Nico that while the Wien Messe Refugee Center has closed, the Ukraine Arrival Center is open and continues to receive busses. Upon arrival at the UAC, refugees meet with onsite BBU representatives (Austrian government) which provide the refugees with long term accommodations outside Vienna and transportation to their accommodation.

8/22 – VM4U Support of Domivka Football Program

The second football session took place from 17:30-19:00 at the Danau City Sports Complex near Alte Danau. Alexander, Coach and Football Program Manager, and Adam held the session for 11 boys and 0 girls between the ages of 5 and 11 yr. The participants were organized by Domivka ( Lower than expected turnout is thought to have resulted from poor weather.