Vienna Mission for Ukraine

4/23 Recap

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1 passenger van team, Pablo, Nathan, and Adam, and 1 cargo van team, Ryan and Sven, departed Vienna on a refugee retrieval and volunteer transport mission and a project support mission, respectively. 1 additional cargo van team, Adam and Fynn, returned to Vienna.

The passenger van team first rondezvoused with Fynn and his van, Thunderbird 2, in Krakow. In Krakow, Adam joined Fynn and Thunderbird 2 and together they returned to Vienna. After which, Pablo and Nathan, continued to a pre-arranged pick up of a mother and son from Krakow which were transported to accommodations in Krems provided by Irina. The van was generously donated by Nathan.

The cargo van team went to Tyrol, Austria where they filled their van with donated furniture which they transported to Campus Wienerwald. This furniture is being used to furnish long term accommodations for refugees at Campus Wienerwald. This is part of the Campus Wienerwald Accommodations Project, lead by Thomas, VM4U Project Manager. The van was generously donated by Share Me, .